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Daystate - State of the art Technology

There’s much more to Daystate technology than you’d think. Check out the development of this vital component.

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Handy-half dozen

Knives are simple tools but choosing the right ones takes knowledge, as Phill Price tells us

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Making an Impact

lay,Is a handmade English gun out of your reach? Perhaps not, as the editor tells us

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Eyebrow - The Big Test

Does this rifle take in-the-field-accuracy to the next level? The editor finds out

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Although the Thior is a gas ram, cocking it was relatively easy


Matt Clark is impressed by the Thor … even if it is blue

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Here's something you don't see very often - not an airgunner using a bow - but a blue sky!

Top Shooter

Gary Chillingworth visits Kibworth Shooting Ground to see who is the best across several target disciplines

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I loved the thick padding and chunky zip on the Tactical gun bag

Super Compact Carbine

The latest version of the BSA flagship is offered as a special deal, as the editor tells us S

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Blog - Hot Air

Getting out there and enjoying it!

I think we can actually allow ourselves to believe that the good weather's here to stay for a while, and that we really can start to plan some extensive shooting days in the field, without needing to wear full weather-protection gear...

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