Airgun Security – It’s your responsibility

PUBLISHED: 12:00 31 October 2011 | UPDATED: 12:04 31 October 2011

Airgun safety

Airgun safety

There is a powerful old saying: 'with freedom comes responsibility' and a vital responsibility all gun owners bear is security...

There is a powerful old saying: with freedom comes responsibility and a vital responsibility all gun owners bear is security. This can be viewed simply as preventing some scumbag stealing our guns but it also has another meaning which is just as important.

The type of person who might steal an airgun could very well be the kind of person who might shoot somebody he doesnt like, or perhaps his neighbours cat and to some degree, if its our gun used to commit the crime, we are partly to blame.

Let me explain. We have the privilege in British law of being allowed to possess guns provided we are responsible both for them and with them. This means that we never allow them to fall into the wrong hands and we must always endeavour to keep them safe. The same applies to using our guns. We must always ensure that every shot we fire does not endanger people, livestock or property and all responsible airgunners keep that in mind with every shot they take.

The most obvious precaution you can take is to buy and install a metal security cabinet for your home and I feel every shooter should, whether the law requires it or not. Once your guns are inside it will take a very determined burglar a very long time to get them out and I think Im right in saying that they just wont bother trying. Its wise to position the cabinet in a place where it cannot be seen from an outside window so that a thief checking out your house wont even know its there. A cupboard under the stairs or a fitted wardrobe with doors will be the top choice. Next give consideration to how easy it will be for you to access. If, for example, you choose to put it into the loft, would you be inclined to delay putting your gun away until later? A convenient location means you put the gun away promptly after cleaning and security is enhanced. A safe only works with the guns inside and the door locked.

If a safe is not your choice there are cable locks which you can use to attach your gun to something immovable, again deterring burglars.

Then we come to transporting your guns. This is a potentially dangerous time and some serious thought needs to be given to the process. Whenever possible, its best to make your journey as short as you can without any unnecessary stops. Can you ensure that your car has enough fuel to get you there and back in advance? Can you buy all the food and drink youll need for your days sport? If you go to the petrol station to fuel up and some criminal sees your gun slip on the back seat of your car, he might smash the window and make a run for it with your pride and joy. You do always lock your car while you pay for fuel, dont you? If you must stop when your gun is in the car, always keep it in the boot or covered up with things that dont look like shooting gear. Criminals are quick to spot shooting equipment and target the cars of shooting folk.

Back in your home, another highly important consideration is the worry that a child or an adult who does not know correct gun handling could gain access to your gun. Many people have no idea of the potential harm that any gun can present and might think its funny to point a gun at someone. Of course we must never let that happen, and the simple precaution of keeping guns well away from visitors to your house should be at the forefront of your thoughts when entertaining. A further precaution would be a trigger lock which prevents the trigger from being pulled. Also, pellets should be stored well away from the gun adding a further layer of protection for everyones benefit.

Many of the points I have raised are simple common sense but remember that just a moments inattention could cause great harm and you can never be too careful, can you?

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