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You can get the latest from Airgun Shooting using RSS feeds, a simple way to keep up with the news or with the subjects that matter most to you.

You can use these feeds in a number of ways. Some web browsers and some mobile phones will allow you to monitor the feeds as a simple way of keeping up with the latest developments.

There are also specialised web services and software applications which let you monitor our feeds alongside feeds from other websites. Examples are The Old Reader (a web service) and FeedDemon (a piece of software).

Some of our available RSS feeds include:-

Other RSS feeds are available in the appropriate sections of the website and will be auto detected by your browser.


Twitter iconWe also have a Twitter feed you can follow to keep up with the latest news stories on Airgun Shooting.

The future

We are also always looking into new technology and ways to improve the way you access the news on our site.

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