Kit Bag


Sling - Credit: Archant

Air Gunner’s August 2013 Kit Bag

Deben NV monocular

Deben NV monocular - Credit: Archant

Crispi boots

Crispi boots - Credit: Archant

Blackhawk bags

Blackhawk bags - Credit: Archant

Give it a Rest

Russian pistol

Russian pistol - Credit: Archant

This innovative foreend rest can be used in a number of different ways. It can be used at various heights from the bench or unfolded and put on the top of fence posts or rails to be used for hunting. It’s small enough to be carried in a rucksack during hunting trips to steady those all important shots.

Jac Pyku Target

Jac Pyku Target - Credit: Archant

Rifle rack

Rifle rack - Credit: Archant

Comfortable Carry

Cluson green LED lamp

Cluson green LED lamp - Credit: Archant

A high-quality rifle sling can make carrying your rifle for a long day in the hunting fields far easier. Niggeloh bases its designs around a stretch neoprene centre section ,strongly stitched to webbing ends. The neoprene spreads the weight comfortably over the shoulder and reduces shocks to the shooter and gun if you should stumble

Tough Target

Plinking is a great way to have fun and improve your skills and this spinning rabbit target from Jack Pyke is a great choice. Its tough, all-steel construction is strong enough for even FAC level rifles and will last for years. They also sell the stick-on targets for more precise aiming.

Most Read

Russian Around

Crosman has just released a new 18-shot BB gun powered by Co2. It’s called the CTT and is based on a WW2 era Russian semi-automatic service pistol. Its distinctive looks will appeal to collectors because it looks like nothing else on the market. Being all metal, it has a nice heft in the hand that aids accurate shooting too.

Eye Light

Night vision equipment used to be very expensive but this 5x monocular from Deben is very reasonably priced. It’s also quite compact and will fit into the cargo pocket of most shooting coats. Being able to see the rabbits before they can see you is an advantage that needs no explanation, and with the summer population explosion upon us, now’s the time to try one.

Walker Crispi

The Italians have a long tradition of making walking and climbing boots and are now making footwear well-suited to hunting. The Crispi Maremma is a mid-height fully waterproof model that offers a high degree of stability and support, much more that its looks would suggest. The nubuck uppers are lined with a Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane that’s 100% waterproof yet highly breathable and is the latest design from Gore-Tex. The soles are from Vibram, guaranteeing great grip and durability.

Cluson Goes Green

The Green Eye Gun Light is based on a well-proven kit but now comes with a green LED. This removes the need to add a filter later and also emits more light that one with a filter fitted. The kit contains the lamp, a remote switch, universal scope mount, battery and charger. The new remote switch has a momentary function as well as a conventional on/off mode, which is excellent.

Attractive Rest

There’s noting worse than resting your rifle against the cabinet and seeing it fall over, so the Lock Down rest imported by Edgar Brothers is just what you need. This strongly-built, magnetic-backed rest has three deep, rubber-coated channels that hold rifles and shotguns securely yet gently and won’t damage their bluing.