Scope test: Immersive Optics 10 x 24 MD

The Immersive Optics 10 x 24 MD

The Immersive Optics 10 x 24 MD all ready to go - Credit: Archant

Mark Camoccio reviews the ultra-short eye relief scope from Immersive Optics - the 10x24 MD riflescope

Scopes with ultra-short eye relief have been gaining in popularity of late, and on test here is a neat little model from Immersive Opticstheir 10 x 24 MD. It’s one of the new breed of Prismatic designs aimed at minimising parallax, and with those super-compact dimensions, it’s a versatile little number, too. Inside the box, alongside the unit itself, there are; three separate mount bases, instructions, lens caps and lens cloth.  

The Immersive Optics 10 x 24 MD

Turrets are screw cap and low profile - Credit: Archant

As the specification suggests, the magnification is a fixed 10x, which is about right for hunter field target, but as is so often the case, equally suitable for real-world hunting. These scopes are visually striking, even quite shocking for those who’ve never seen one before, by virtue of their incredible compactness. Just 4.8” long – half the length of most conventional options – means they can fit perhaps where larger scopes would be too ungainly, but the real advantage is with the eye-popping, in-your-face image, and the radical operation.

Fans of bullpups, for example, will find this scope the perfect partner, but one vital point worth mentioning at the start is that this particular model is NOT suitable for recoiling guns, due to its ultra-short eye relief. The soft lens cap at the rear screams as much, so you shouldn’t forget! First task is to connect the push-fit, soft rubber shroud to the rear ocular lens, so that back light is eliminated to accentuate the sight picture.  

The Immersive Optics 10 x 24 MD

This sight comes complete with three bases - Credit: Archant

Go Configure 
This Immersive Optic comes ready clamped in a dedicated diagonal mount, and there’s also a choice of three bases, (all included) measuring 3.5”, 3.75”, and 5.3”. 

Select the length of mount base that best suits your particular gun, and fix the sight in place using three bolts. Now fix onto the gun using the Picatinny bolts underneath, setting eye relief as you go. Fixing to dovetails? Then use adaptor rails such as RB5s from Sportsmatch – perfect for the job.

Immersive Optics have designed these mount bases to be adjustable, and if you look closely, you’ll notice the graduated scale on each, through an arc of movement, allowing the sight to be roughly zeroed by adjusting the angle of the mount. The idea is that the optics can be first centred by dialling each turret to the midpoint, then setting the zero using the mount.

The process involves making a note of the base scale marking, and adjusting where the sight sits every few shots or so. It does require the sight to be removed a few times and the bolts slackened underneath to allow it to slide along the scale. Once all set, just fine click the turrets at the end. In practice, it works well. Tilting the front of the scope down raises the point of impact, and vice versa. There’s plenty of adjustment, but if you want to stick to conventional adjustment via the turrets ... er ... feel free. Turrets are positive, with  click values of 0.1mil. 

The Immersive Optics 10 x 24 MD

Stickers are also included to mark up the parallax dial - Credit: Archant

Dial the Distance 
The chunky turret on the left is the parallax adjuster and also houses a small disc battery in the screw cap to power the reticle illumination. The makers supply a small set of sticky numbers which can be carefully applied around the left dial, to show preferred range markings – a process best carried out over several practice sessions, and it’s a nice detail because it takes into account differing personal eyesight. OK, on such a relatively low mag’ unit, range markers aren’t so relevant, but hey. 

Image quality in use, was very impressive, so the maker’s specification of special ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, won’t be disputed. In short, clarity and brightness were spot-on.  

With that fixed 10x magnification, and the parallax dial set to 25 yards, HFT target courses should be possible; a point borne out on test with useable clarity through our expected target distances of 8-45 yards.  

The Immersive Optics 10 x 24 MD

The rubber shroud is a push fit - Credit: Archant

Eyes Wide 
MTC started the trend in airgun shooting for minimal eye relief with their ground-breaking Viper Connect, and this Immersive Optics model has that same incredible eye popping sight picture. Indeed, for those who haven’t experienced the sensation of using one, these sights feel quite radical.

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The soft rubber shroud allows the unit to be gently mounted against the eye socket (ah yes ... that’s why recoiling hardware is out!) and with eye relief of just .6”, coupled with the prismatic system, the resultant field of view is simply huge! I like the mil dot reticle with the bolder outer lines guiding the eye, and whilst it is slightly thicker than other reticles utilised by Immersive, the advantage here is that it will be easier to track through darker foliage. 

I’ve never got too excited about reticle illumination, but for more avid hunters out there, the entire reticle can be lit red at the press of the central button on the left turret. On test, though, only one level of brightness was possible.  

The Immersive Optics 10 x 24 MD

Power for illumination comes from the battery stored here - Credit: Archant

In Yer Face 
Immersive Optics is a very apt name, for sure, with this 10 x 24MD, since the eye-popping image on offer here really is immersive. It won’t suit everyone, but if having slight contact between face and shroud doesn’t irritate, the benefits of the system are there to be appreciated, in a neat modern package that feels robust. 

Dimensions: 122x51x72mm
Magnification: 10.0x
Weight: 248g
Lens: 24mm
Mount Type: MOA Mount
Range: 6m
Waterproof: Yes
Shock-Proof: Yes
Eye Relief: 45mm
Anti-Fogging: Nitrogen-Filled
Tube Size: 34mm
Three year warranty
SRP: £241.95
Visit: Thomas Jacks Ltd