The Custom Targets story: Targeting serious fun!

Nikki Cox displays a 'less challenging' target for the novice shooter.

Nikki Cox displays a 'less challenging' target for the novice shooter. - Credit: Archant

The editor introduces the remarkable Nikki Cox and her Custom Targets

Everyone loves a fairground range - especially when you can set one up at your club or in your garde

Everyone loves a fairground range - especially when you can set one up at your club or in your garden. - Credit: Archant

There are certain people in this world who just radiate enthusiasm, energy and friendship, and Nikki Cox of Custom Targets is the absolute epitome of that remarkable breed. I first spoke to Nikki following the cancellation of the West Of England Game Fair due to snow, and I fully expected her to be a bit down, to say the least. Yes, she regretted the cancellation, but within seconds she was bubbling positivity back at me over the phone, and by the time our first chat had finished, I was convinced that the energy and warmth she radiates could have melted the snow on that showground in no time at all.

I also concluded that Nikki Cox and Custom Targets deserved a bit of a showcase in this magazine, not least because her products are excellent and her ever-growing reputation is built of exactly the sort of customer service Airgun World is happy to endorse. I consider it part of our brief to direct our readers toward products and people that will increase the pleasure of our sport, and I know I’ve found exactly that in Custom Targets and Nikki Cox.

There's always a friendly welcome at Custom Targets - not to mention a great range of products and s

There's always a friendly welcome at Custom Targets - not to mention a great range of products and services. - Credit: Archant

It’s all about fun

Like so many airgun clubs, we use Custom Targets at Bisley, and during a diversion from ‘serious’ paper-punching in pursuit of rifle accuracy test data, I switched focus to a tempting square of laser-cut skittles, slotted into a pellet catcher at 30 yards. Oh what joy to splatter and splinter those tiny, eco-friendly wooden targets, especially when a couple of other shooters join in and a competition develops. The race to zap the final skittle was a tribute to the ageless delight of airgunning, and it’s there at every level, from the back garden plinker to those who seek to replace their blood with ice-water and compete at the highest level. Everyone, but everyone loves a target that reacts to being hit.

I recall my own days as a shamefully selfish, ultra-dedicated chaser of silverware, training side-by-side with the best in the land, yet, if someone on the firing line said, ‘thistle head, 45 yards!’ all rifles and the attention of their users would be brought to bear until the ‘reactive’ target was blown up. Custom Targets serve up such pure enjoyment by the fun-filled bucket load.

Lucky 13 for the customers of Custom Targets.

Lucky 13 for the customers of Custom Targets. - Credit: Archant

Nikki Cox explains all

‘Our shop in Yeovil (nicely positioned with parking opposite Wickes for easy location), is conveniently stocked with a range of pellets, targets, shooting rests, maintenance equipment, as well as our air refill services (mostly while you wait). We also provide airgun servicing and maintenance here on site.

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A while ago, we tired of shooting paper targets, and having a graphics company with a laser that would take 8’ x 4’ sheets, we decided to experiment making our own reactive targets. Being infinitely particular, we tried lots of substrates, before settling on something that didn’t splinter, weathered pretty well so you could leave them out for a few days and they still work, and they didn’t cost a small fortune!

It didn’t take long before all our shooting mates decided they wanted these targets too, and we’ve never looked back. In fact, we’re now exporting them all over the world.

Thousands and thousands of shooting opportunities!

Thousands and thousands of shooting opportunities! - Credit: Archant

Custom designs

We also make custom designs for clubs, on request, and never seem to keep the same brochure for long, due to my frequent ‘middle of the night revelations’ for a new target! We have now decided to commit to being available (at no cost) to clubs and shoots, and to attend various events with our mobile stand/shop. Please email me directly - - to get in our diary dates. Every order is sent with the latest brochure and price list, so regular shoppers always have the latest details.

All the fun of the fairground

Our ‘Fairground Shoots’, with their rabbit, squirrel, duck and bottle target themes, have proved to be so popular that they’ve recently been included in our Pellet Catcher Reactive Target Inserts range. The original Fairground Shoots, (ranging from 142 to 170 reactive zones in each one at a cost of £3.99), are proving to be very popular for shoot-offs, with the two shooters picking a side, and seeing who clears it first. We also sell them in assorted 4-packs - ‘The Fairground 4 Collection’ (596 reactive zones), which requires more than a tinful of pellets to take out successfully, at a discounted cost of £14.99.

The New Pellet Catcher Reactive Target inserts vary from £1.99 each for the 64-shot standard zones (14cm) and £2.10 for the 81-zone, 17cm version, to £2.40 (14cm), and £2.60 (17cm) Fairground editions. They are all available in discounted multi-packs, as well as assorted 10-packs in each size. Yes, they simply slot into standard pellet catchers!

We are very much hoping that this particular range of targets will not only provide challenging shooting, plus more than enough fun to keep garden plinkers on their toes, but also reunite folk with that incredibly useful gadget they all seem to have somewhere in the shed - the pellet catcher!

I could go on for hours about various other targets we have just launched, but I don’t want to burn your brain out in one go!’

There’s no danger of that, Nikki, and please keep those target ideas coming, because there’s always room for a bit of fun in this wonderful sport of ours.