Beginner’s Advice: how to clean your air gun


Weather conditions can be damaging to shooting equipment as materials like blued steel and walnut do not react well to rain. Although we can’t control the weather, we can provide you with some useful tips to keep your gun in good nick.

• Keeping a dry cloth to hand enables you to dry your gun on shoot

• Dry the gun thoroughly with a paper towel as soon as you get home

• Remove the stock to discard any water after a really wet day

• Leave your gun in a warm room for an hour before reassembling

• Wipe metal surfaces with a silicone cloth, (if you do not have an silicone cloth an oily rag will do)

• Soft steel gun barrels can be damaged by incorrect cleaning so use felt pads on a plastic coated rod

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• Refer to your manufacturer’s guide for lubricant varieties- the bolt action of a PCP may require a light oil but the pivot of a break barrel springer would need sticky molybdenum grease for example