Clothing test: Seeland Feral range

PUBLISHED: 12:36 15 August 2017

The right camo and breathable build make for the ideal warm weather clothes

The right camo and breathable build make for the ideal warm weather clothes


A new season and new camo gets the editor outdoors

Not everyone will agree with me, but I believe that most airgun hunters love a bit of camo. Some go head to toe, whilst others are happy with a few vital pieces, such as a jacket and cap. I’ll freely confess to enjoying camo and have worn it all my hunting life, so I was happy when the nice folks at Seeland asked me to look at a new camo pattern on a whole new range of clothing. These would be squarely aimed at airgun hunters, being strong and durable, whilst less expensive than other models in the range.

I also like the name, which I feel suits airgun hunting as well. The Feral range includes a smock, a jacket, trousers, a cap and a choice of shirts, all in their new GP camouflage pattern. In Denmark, where Seeland is based, they know it as ‘general purpose camo’, hence the GP name. It’s intended for spring, summer and autumn use when the vegetation is lush, which explains the bold, rich colours.

The construction also suits the warmer weather. The key fabric is hard-wearing canvas that’s completely silent to wear and hugely breathable, ideal for those sweaty days. As you can see from the picture, they chose to run the GP pattern over the shoulder and arms on the smock, whilst leaving the body a dull, sand kind of colour for contrast. Apparently, many Danes like the look for casual wear, as well as for shooting.

I was sent a cap and smock to try and I’ll say now that the latter is not my thing, so it would have to be good to impress me. My usual complaint is that they’re difficult to get on, but Seeland fitted a full-length zip along the right side of the body. This makes getting it on much easier than other smocks I’ve tried. The second thing I dislike about smocks is that they get very sweaty, but the canvas, backed with a mesh lining, is superbly breathable. Finally, the huge pleats behind the shoulders make for excellent freedom of movement and I have to say that this is one smock that I would happily wear. The 100% cotton cap also worked well on warm days, but that was less controversial, in my eyes.

This long side zip makes getting the smock on and off easyThis long side zip makes getting the smock on and off easy

With camouflage clothing becoming harder to find these days, I welcome this excellent new range with its more affordable price from such a well-respected brand.

Smock: £109.99

Trouser: £65.00

Cap: £19.99

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