CO2 pistol test: Gamo PR-776

It's a big handful of handsome metal

It's a big handful of handsome metal - Credit: Archant

Phill Price has a blast with Gamo’s latest CO2 revolver

Gamo supplied the gas and some ideal pellets too

Gamo supplied the gas and some ideal pellets too - Credit: Archant

CO2 pistols are pure fun, and big revolvers like Gamo’s PR-776 is just my kind of gun.

The large, heavy frame gives a real heft in the hand and helps to stabilise the aim. It’s not obvious that it was designed as a replica of any particular full-bore handgun, rather it takes its style from several manufacturers. I can see Smith & Wesson in the frame, Colt in the hammer and Ruger in the barrel shroud. All this adds up to a handsome pistol.

The finish is a metallic paint, which should offer corrosion resistance to the alloy it’s cast from.

As with the majority of handguns of this type, the 12-gramme CO2 capsule lives inside the grips and has a turn-buckle screw to drive it onto the piercing probe up inside the action. The grips themselves have a ‘pebbled’ texturing and deep finger grooves for a solid and assured hold.

I particularly liked the handling and truly realistic functionality. The cylinder catch is like the classic Smith & Wesson, being pushed forward to release. Pulled fully back, the same slide engages the safety. As the crane swings the cylinder out with your left hand, you depress the ejector rod with your palm, which lifts the eight-shot pellet holder up, to be taken by your right hand.

The pellet holders are metal and you get two with the revolver. Gamo deserves praise for this. Anybody shooting action games with this superb gun will adore being able to do properly fast reloads. Often guns come with just one, and spares cannot be bought, so this makes the PR-776 a top, practical competition choice.

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On top of this, the sights are big and clear with the front element having a bright white dot added for clarity. If it were my gun, I’d add the corresponding dots to the rear sight to complete the picture, quite literally.

With an average of 290fps driving Gamo’s .177 Match pellet (7.56 grains) the PR-776 delivered around 1.1/2 ft.lbs. giving the pellet catcher a good clang for each shot. That’s certainly enough power to send the bean cans spinning, and with accuracy to match it’s a great CO2 revolver.


Pistol: £135.00

Match pellets: £4.99

CO2 capsules (pack of 5): £5.99