Fenix torches: A bright future

The new power button is much easier to feel

The new power button is much easier to feel - Credit: Archant

Some subtle improvements make this torch even better

This clever shaped lens and the roratling collar offer a wide flood through to a pencil beam

This clever shaped lens and the roratling collar offer a wide flood through to a pencil beam - Credit: Archant

I’ve used Fenix torches for a long time because they offer a lot of power in small packages. They’re also quite reasonably priced for the performance they deliver and I’ve never had one let me down. However, like all good things, I’ve never found one that was perfect and because of this, I was interested when the new FD41 was released and asked for a sample to review.

The build is typically Fenix, the body machined from high-grade aluminium, hard anodised and then all sealed up with ‘O’ rings. I know from experience that they survive the rough and tumble of lamping, because I’ve knocked and dropped them enough to reveal any weaknesses. Scratched and dented they might be, but they always work.

The FD41 uses the common 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery which gives a quite incredible 1 hour and 40 minutes in ‘turbo’ mode – 900 lumens. Yes, you did read that right – 900 lumens. It still blows my mind that such a small pocket torch can deliver such an incredible output. In the ‘high’ mode you’ll still get 3 hours and 50 minutes, which is loads of power for most jobs. There’s even a very low power, 10-lumen setting for filling mags and other up-close work.

To make the most of all that output, the FD41 has a focus mechanism that allows you to narrow it for long-range searching, and to broaden it for floodlighting an area such as when searching for downed rabbits. The focus collar rotates without a stop position, so you just keep turning to get what you want rather than going backwards and forwards.

A real improvement for me over earlier models is that the stainless steel button on the side that controls power output has been raised to make finding it with cold or gloved hands much easier. You can positively feel the edge of the button under your thumb and that makes a big difference in the field when you need to change the power setting quickly.

As ever, Fenix supplies a belt pouch, a wrist lanyard, spare seals switch cover, all backed up with an impressive 5-year warranty. This new lamp isn’t a huge step up in performance over the FD40 that I’ve been using, but enough of one to have become my new go-to lamp as I head out of the door into the night.

www.myfenix.co.uk (£84.95)

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