Gun shop profile: Meet the Crackshot crew

Need a bit of help with your shooting? The Crackshot crew is there for you

Crackshot is the only specialist airgun store and shooting range in the South West, based near to Newton Abbot and only a couple of minutes off the main A38.

We have one of the most experienced teams in the country to help with all your airgunning needs. There's Kevin Jackman, a two-time winner of the World Field Target Shooting Championships, and we also have a rising star in James Head, who is a current member of the Air Arms shooting team and regular SWEFTA winner, along with John Langford and Eric Irish who both have many years experience in all forms of shooting.

Our guys have been there, they've shot at every level, and most importantly of all, they like nothing more than passing on their knowledge to our customers. Crackshot is far more than a shooting outlet, it's a place where problems are solved, skills are taught, expert advice is freely given, and customers come away shooting better and feeling energised. We have the staff and the facilities to make a real difference to your shooting. 


Indoor range

Our range is 20 metres long and it's all indoors. There are card targets, plus spinners and knock-downs aplenty to test your marksmanship and fine-tune your zero. In addition, there are sitting and standing benches to assist you, and prices start from as little as £10 per session when you use your own gun.

We supply all of the targets, compressed air and as much help as you need to get you shooting successfully, and we also have sample packs of pellets if your rifle is a bit on the fussy side, or you're searching for that ultimate brand of ammo.

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No airgun? No problem!

What about if you don't have a rifle yet? That's no problem at all because we have a selection of pre-charged Air Arms models here for you to use. Fees start from only £25 per session, and with us supplying everything, including unlimited pellets, that represents really great value.

If you just want a bit of shooting fun with your friends, we can offer you a package and use of our rifle range, or our pistol range, where you will get to use rapid-fire BB pistols with reactive targets. There's also the amazing  Simway shooting simulator, which has a huge choice of programs including, wild boar and bear hunting, grouse, pheasant and duck shooting, practical, and target simulations, along with Olympic-style clay shooting - all for as little as £20 per person when you visit us as a group of six or more.

Get in touch: The team at Crackshot can be contacted on 01626 242978, at or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.