Gun test: Umarex Colt 1911 CQBP

Some subtle mods make this classic handgun just that bit better

Some subtle mods make this classic handgun just that bit better - Credit: Archant

This modified version of an all-time classic pleases the editor

Co2 is carried in the magazine not the frame

Co2 is carried in the magazine not the frame - Credit: Archant

The classic Colt 1911 has been far and away my favourite handgun for all my adult life. Before the ban, I was lucky enough to have shot many of them in .45ACP, 9mm and .38 super as well as many CO2 and airsoft versions. Despite being designed over 100 years ago, the basic ergonomics prove to be amongst the very best, to this day, and for me, simply superb. Of course, everything can be improved and through the decades small features of the original design have been tweaked, extended and added to until we find the stunning M45 CQBP we see in this review.

At its heart is the strong and reliable CO2 blow-back system Umarex developed years ago, which delivers a meaty thump of recoil as the metal slide cycles in the blow-back action. One of the 1911’s greatest features is a sweet, single-action trigger – a huge benefit in delivering fast, yet accurate shots on target. The test gun is a clear demonstration of how competition gun development is absorbed and employed by the militaries to make their guns more efficient and effective when it counts most.


Take the sights. They’re low profile and strong, yet deliver a clear and well-defined sight picture as fast as you could wish. They’re not adjustable on this pistol, but the three white-dot system is well proven, and my test gun shot to point of aim for me with my usual two-handed hold at six yards, which was ideal. Next, we come to the safety lever. This clearly shows its competition heritage; it’s wide, extended and ambidextrous. This makes it easy to disengage even from a very fast draw and is comfortable under the thumb from a competition hold.

The magazine holds 17BBs and the 12 gramme CO2 capsule, which is my preferred layout. Having the gas in the magazine means that each time you reload you get a full pressure capsule, so there is never a danger of running low on pressure midway through a competition stage. The magazine also features a bumper extension to ensure that the mag’ is fully seated as you drive it in with the palm of your weak hand.

My test gun came finished in a light beige ‘FDE’ colour, which I believe stands for Flat Desert Earth, as used in many of the recent Middle East conflicts. I’ll say right here, I prefer black or blued guns, but I know may readers like guns that reflect our military engagements. This is yet another variant of this great pistol and one that I thoroughly enjoyed shooting.

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Manufacturer: Umarex

Importer: John Rotherary Wholesale


Model: Colt 1911 CQBP

Type: CO2

Trigger: Single-action

Action: Blow-back

Weight: 2lbs (930g)

Length: 8.7” (220mm)

Magazine capacity: 17

RRP: £170.00


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