Gun test: Umarex Legends P08

I think that this stunning replica will soon become another Umarex Legend!

I think that this stunning replica will soon become another Umarex Legend! - Credit: Archant

The editor shoots a superb replica and gets a history lesson thrown in

When I saw this pistol listed I jumped at the chance to try one out immediately. “Can I test one of those Umarex Lugers, please?” I asked.

“It’s not a Luger, it’s a P08” came the reply.

Better do my homework then. As a youngster I often watched films about WW2 in which the Germans always carried these pistols, and we call called them Lugers. They were designed by a man called Georg Luger, but its proper designation is the P08. Whatever, it’s a great-looking replica and the all-metal build feels good and weighty in your hands. Like many other pistols of this kind, it functions with the 12 gramme CO2 capsule being carried in the grip and a drop-out magazine holding the BBs. All well-proven stuff.

Something different

Where it differs from more modern designs is in the handling. The grip sweeps back at a far more radical angle than most, which I thought would make it feel muzzle-high with a relaxed grip, but it wasn’t that noticeable. I only needed a slight downward correction to align the sights, which are non-adjustable and quite rudimentary, as were the originals. In my hands, they were spot on at six yards. These are not the kind you can find in a hurry and the ‘V’ notch rear sight isn’t as easy to align as a square one. However, these are authentic which is what matters.

The manual safety is also in an unusual place, high on the left side of the frame, almost in the web of your strong hand and I found it easiest to operate with my weak (left) hand. When engaged it fully disconnects the trigger. The only conventional control on this gun is the magazine release button, which is located behind the trigger guard on the left of the grip.

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I shot first with the recommended 4.5mm steel BBs, which functioned flawlessly, and then swapped to my favourite pellet, the Excite Smart Shot, copper-coated lead ones. These also fed without problems so I stuck with them for the duration of the test. Because they’re lead, they deform on contact with my steel catcher and the chance of a rebound is hugely reduced. The trigger is double-action only meaning that it cocks the hammer at the beginning of the stroke and releases it at the end. This naturally means that the movement is long and heavy, but not overly so, and I found it predictable, which is a great aid to accurate shooting. With the Smart Shot I was getting sub 2” groups at six yards, easily good enough for my plinking needs.

This is yet another winner from Umarex, being a great replica and a working gun too. If WW2 collecting is your thing, or you just like historically correct pistols, then you really do need to see one of these fine guns.


Manufacturer: Umarex

Supplier: John Rothery Wholesale


Model: Legends P08

Type: CO2

Action: Non-blow-back

Magazine: 21 BBs

Power supply: 12 gramme CO2

Trigger: Double-action only

Length: 230mm

Weight: 820 grammes

RRP: £84.95

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