Gun test: Umarex UX HPP

PUBLISHED: 14:14 25 June 2019 | UPDATED: 14:14 25 June 2019

Even with my big hands this pistol feels really comfortable

Even with my big hands this pistol feels really comfortable


Dave Barham gets to grips with this compact CO2 BB repeater

This nifty little BB repeater pistol is one of the smallest I have seen to date. It also has one of the best magazines I've used, and the easiest CO2 loading bay. That's an opening gambit if ever there was one!

The magazine release is positiveThe magazine release is positive

Simple loading

The drop-out magazine is easy to remove at the press of a button, as you would expect, but the real plus point for me is when you come to load it up. The mag takes 15 .45mm BBs, which are loaded by first pulling down the spring clip and pushing it to the right to lock the spring off. It's then a simple case of pushing each BB directly down into the magazine - none of the usual pushing forward and waiting for it to drop malarkey.

I like the red ‘fire’ dot underneath the safety slideI like the red ‘fire’ dot underneath the safety slide

I found this loading method far easier than previous pistols I've tested, and that showed by decreasing the loading time dramatically. One word of caution, though; remember to flick the spring lock back off once you've loaded your BBs. I fired two shots before I realised why nothing was coming out the barrel!

Removing the mag’ is simpleRemoving the mag’ is simple

Innovative CO2 insertion

The HPP also features another innovative design plus point, and that's the loading port for the 12g CO2 cylinder. With the mag' removed you're greeted by a 'pull up' lever which is actually an integral key.

In goes a 12g CO2 cylinderIn goes a 12g CO2 cylinder

Slide the back panel off the grip and you can insert the CO2 cylinder, then turn the screw at the base to tighten down, pierce and lock it in place. All you do then is push the integral key back flat, replace the back panel and reinsert the mag' and you're good to go. It's such a simple design, but one that is highly effective and very user-friendly.

Remove the back panel to insert the CO2Remove the back panel to insert the CO2

Great features

This little pistol (it's only 17.5cm x 13cm) has everything going for it. Underneath the end of the barrel, directly in front of the trigger guard there is a Picatinny rail - perfect for adding a tactical light or laser, which will make this pistol even more fun to shoot.

Tighten the integral screw to pierce the CO2Tighten the integral screw to pierce the CO2

This pistol has a manual safety, situated under the slide directly above the trigger. It's a really positive slide with a red dot underneath once pushed into the 'fire' position.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to pull the trigger, and my eight-year-old daughter managed to shoot this pistol with ease. The first stage engages the hammer, with a noticeable 'click' once it's ready to shoot.

This is the integral key for locking down the CO2 cylinderThis is the integral key for locking down the CO2 cylinder

The sights they are fixed and the front post has a white dot - they're not the most accurate of sights, but then this is a CO2 BB pistol, so I wouldn't really expect them to be.

The grips are really comfortable, and although this is a small pistol I found it fitted into my hand perfectly and the enhanced lip at the rear of the grip protected the base of my thumb so there is no chance of it getting slammed by the rack as it blows back.

It packs a real punch for such a tiny pistolIt packs a real punch for such a tiny pistol

Umarex claim this pistol can make 150 shots out of a single 12g CO2 cylinder, and I reckon they're not far off - obviously, ambient air temperature will determine just how many shots you get, though.

Ed's verdict

If you're after a compact, realistic blow-back BB pistol with a high shot count and loads of 'easy to use' features, then you're really going to like this UX HPP. I was pleasantly surprised after shooting it for a couple of hours, and it just reinforces the fact that great things do come in small packages!

Key features:

- BB repeater powered by CO2

- CO2 compartment in grip

- Integrated Picatinny rail

- Removable 15-shot BB magazine

- Manual safety

- Fixed sights


Manufacturer: Umarex

Importer: John Rothery Wholesale


Model: UX HPP

Type: CO2

Action: Blow-back

Trigger: Double-action

Calibre: .177 BB

Overall length: 175mm

Weight: 1.8lb

Sights: Front and rear

Safety: Manual

Velocity 426 fps

RRP: £99.99


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