How to keep cool this summer

The loose fit and cool fabric make for a comfortable shirt

The loose fit and cool fabric make for a comfortable shirt - Credit: Archant

What can the hunter wear comfortably in the warm weather?

The 'cape' across the shoulders offers good ventilation

The 'cape' across the shoulders offers good ventilation - Credit: Archant

As much as I love the warm summer months, they can make dressing tricky for the hunter. I believe we should cover as much skin as possible for the sake of camouflage and also to keep biting insects at bay, so I usually choose a buttoned shirt with long sleeves, preferably in a cool fabric with lots of ventilation. The Taclite from 5.11 looked like what I needed so I asked for a sample from Military 1st. Despite their name, they have a huge range of non-military clothing, and their website is well worth a look for the airgun hunter.

The fabric is polycotton ripstop, designed to breathe well, letting unwanted heat, and to be blunt, sweat, escape keeping you comfortable. Interestingly, it has a Teflon treatment to reduce staining and I guess only time will tell if that works, but on a camo shirt I might never know. Across the shoulders there’s a ‘cape’ that is, in effect, a full width vent that has a Drilex moisture-wicking lining, and under the armpits there are stitched eyelets for further ventilation. All the spaces between the buttons at the front also help. This shirt is sold in plain colours to law-enforcement personnel and because of this has all sorts of clever little hidden pockets to carry your back-up pistol, pens, chemical lights and so on.

The cut was pleasantly loose and the sizing generous. I need an XL from many companies, but the large was comfortable, perhaps even too big from this brand. I wore the shorts on the kind of days I dislike; when it’s warm and humid, making keeping cool whilst you hunt on foot almost impossible. However, I can report that I remained comfortable and the loose, airy feeling the shirt offered was very welcome. Any breeze could be felt through the vents, carrying warm, damp air away.

The construction appeared good with triple-stitched seams and bar-tacking at major stress points, for a long-living garment. I’m very pleased with this shirt and I can see it getting a lot of use in the coming months.

Manufacturer: 5.11

Importer: Military 1st

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Model: Taclite Pro, long sleeve

RRP: £58.50