Lamping review: Tracer Ledray F600

Small, light, powerfull and with a choice of colours. What more could you want?

Small, light, powerfull and with a choice of colours. What more could you want? - Credit: Archant

Just when you thought the humble torch/lamp/flashlight couldn’t get any better, those mad scientists in the laboratory keep on pushing the boundaries

The kit is totally comprehensive

The kit is totally comprehensive - Credit: Archant

Over the last five years, Tracer Ledray has been at the forefront of lamping kit design and engineering, but that’s never enough for them. Every season we get several new systems, each better than the last, and often better value for money at the same time. The number of systems they’ve produced makes my head spin, but we need to remember the winner in this mad race is us – the end-user.

More power, longer battery life and lighter weight all benefit us in the field. They really are giving us what we want.

So what is the latest innovation? In recent times, if you wanted a different coloured beam than white, you clipped on some kind of filter and went on your way. Yet it wasn’t quite that simple. The filter worked by holding back some aspect of the bulb’s output – in other words, cutting some of the power. Also, many of those filter systems can be found littering farm fields all around the country as they fell off in the dark, never to be seen again.

This is where the Tracer Ledray F600 comes in. There are no filters because the LED chip emitting the light has four components: white, red, blue and green with no need to filter them down. Each one makes the full 220 lumens of power and you simply turn the collar on the lamp’s body to choose the colour you feel is best.

As the LED emitters are in different positions on the board, the gimballed lamp mount allows you to loosen a screw and then centre the beam where your crosshairs look, a job that takes just seconds. This lamp focuses from flood to spot, a feature I value highly.

The one constant through years of the Ledray kits is the excellent specification and carrying case. These kits have everything you could need to mount the lamp, charge the battery and go hunting. I like the carry-case because if you see an empty pocket as you put the lamp away, you know you’ve left something out! In that way, the next time you want to go lamping you can be sure that everything you need is right to hand.

Model: Tracer Ledray F600

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RRP: £108.32


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