Pellet Perfection!

PUBLISHED: 10:33 13 July 2015 | UPDATED: 10:33 13 July 2015




Finding your ideal pellet – made cheap and easy!


There is no greater step forward in the quest for ultimate shooting performance, than to find the perfect pellet for your needs and your airgun. Good technique is key, high quality hardware is absolutely essential, but these won’t count for much if your pellets aren’t perfect for the gun and the job you want it to do. Far too many airgunners underestimate the importance of their pellets in the overall scheme of straight shooting, but there’s at least one company that has been founded on just that.


Tim Booth founded Pellet Perfect over four years ago when he noticed a gap in the market. Tim knows that no two airguns are guaranteed to perform identically with the same pellet, so he set up Pellet Perfect to offer airgunners the ability to try sample batches of over 400 types of pellet. Yes, that’s ‘400’, and they come in calibres from .177 all the way up to .35!

Each pack contains 25 pellets, and you can even order pre-washed and lubricated examples, with a choice of lubes available from Lubro-Tecnic, Range Right, Napier, Supremacy and Daystate’s in-house treatment. There’s more, too, including Lubro-Tecnic ultrasonic pellet cleaners, CO2 capsules, Pellet Clam ammo boxes, plus a growing range of cleaning products and clever stuff designed to ‘accurise’ your airgun.



First, make a shortlist of the pellets you want to test. Then, go to and start browsing the calibre and makes of your choice. You’ll find the prices vary from, say, £1.11 for a 25-pellet sample of Air Arms Diabolo Field, to around £1.65 for washed and lubed samples. Then, simply go through the site’s online ordering process and await delivery. It’s easy, quick, and far more economical than buying entire tins and boxes of pellets, only to discover that your airgun really doesn’t like them.

Next, carry out those essential tests, after which you can make a far more informed choice and invest in a tin or two. Even then, if you think improved accuracy is a possibility, order some more samples and get testing. The process couldn’t be more simple, but its effect on your shooting could be priceless!

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