Review: Discovery Optics VT-1 PRO 3-12 x 42 AO scope

For under a ton, this is a whole lot of scope!

For under a ton, this is a whole lot of scope! - Credit: Archant

Dave Barham reveals the new VT-1 PRO 3-12 x 42 AO scope from Discovery Optics for under a ton

They even throw in a free sunshade!

They even throw in a free sunshade! - Credit: Archant

Last month, I reviewed a scope from Discovery Optics in our sister title, Airgun World. I was extremely impressed with that model, which was more than three times the price of the one on test here. I have to say, it seems as though Discovery have got all bases covered in their extensive range of scopes, with something to suit every budget.

First impressions

This scope really does look and feel quality as soon as you take it out of the box. What's more, it comes complete with a sunshade included, plus quality lens covers - I wasn't expecting that at all.

It's CNC machined from a single piece of aircraft aluminium, which provides excellent rigidity as well as cutting down the weight.

1/10th adjustments for elevation and windage are positive

1/10th adjustments for elevation and windage are positive - Credit: Archant

The operation of the ocular bell magnification ring is super-smooth, yet a little stiff for the first-time use. That's only because it's new, and after a little 'warming up' it soon settles down and is easier to turn. The ocular focus ring and objective/parallax bell, though, are really easy to turn straight out of the box, and equally as smooth.

I really like the double-ringed, ridged grips on all the ocular twisting parts on this scope, they're easy to get hold of and the ridged surface gives excellent grip. The same can be said for the triple-ringed grip on the objective bell end.

The scope is nitrogen purged and fully sealed; the nitrogen process helps to prevent lens fog inside the scope, which can be a problem on cheaper scopes.

Lens covers are supplied

Lens covers are supplied - Credit: Archant

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Capped turrets

As you would expect on a scope costing under £100, this one has capped turrets. They, too, feature the double-ringed grips and are easy to remove in a hurry. Each click of the elevation and windage is positive and equals one tenth of a mil, so getting zeroed is a relatively easy affair.

Every operation of this scope is smooth and positive

Every operation of this scope is smooth and positive - Credit: Archant

Inverted cross reticle

You'll see from the diagram that the reticle has mil dots, well, lines really, but you will also notice that each 'mil dot' is broken down further into segmented half mil-dot increments on both the horizontal and vertical planes. The vertical plane is slightly more extended below the windage line, giving the inverted cross appearance, which I'm guessing is for those who are allowing for greater pellet drop - the long-shot fanatics among us!


This scope is perfect for anyone getting into the sport, or for those who own loads of rifles and require decent scopes on them all without spending a fortune. It's extremely good quality and a doddle to use, and all for under £100!

Key features:

- Aluminium alloy, matte-style anodising gives superior finish to tube

- VCF optical system with MC-coated optics bring extremely wide and clear views

- One-piece CNC machined parts make it reliable and accurate

- DISCOVERY TES (Torus Erector Support) technology makes it durable and reliable, and highly resistant to recoil, even high-power springer airguns

- Adjustable objective parallax from 15 yards to infinity helps you to acquire targets clearly

- One tenth mil, capped turrets allow accurate adjustment of aim point

- Complete with bikini lens covers, 60mm sunshade and mounts

- Nitrogen filled, fogproof, waterproof, shockproof and lifetime warranty


Manufacturer: Discovery Optics

Chassis: 1 imch

Optical System: 3-12x

Objective: 42mm

Reticle: Half mil dot

Parallax Adj: 15 to infinity yards

Illumination: N/A

Field of view: 36.8 - 12.6ft @100 yards

Eye relief: 70-85mm

Length: 312mm

Weight: 510g


RRP: £99.00


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