Review: EKA HAtchblade

The once-piece forging is hugely strong

The once-piece forging is hugely strong - Credit: Archant

Phill Price finds the blade for the job with this innovative Scandinavian

The cover is made from indestructable Kydex

The cover is made from indestructable Kydex - Credit: Archant

I tend to think of the Scandinavian manufacturers as making very traditional products, using lots of wood and leather wherever possible. So when I saw the Hatchblade from EKA, I was surprised.

I know the brand well, having used their knives extensively and appreciating the designs and quality of the steel they use.

The Hatchblade has a slim profile and an incredibly sharp grind that slices through wood like nothing I’ve used in the past. Small limbs can often be cut through in a single, well-aimed chop, such as when making a hide from soft wood.

This is a modern design that integrates the head with the shaft in one forging, for incredible strength. I think you’d have to do something really stupid to damage this thing.

The grip is made from wood, but even this feels high tech, with its superb ergonomic shape and grooved surface. It gives excellent support and removes the need to grip it tightly.

I found the combination of incredible cutting performance and the excellent grip made light work of many chores, thereby reducing fatigue. In the centre of the head, there’s a hole that allows you to put a finger through when you’re using it to shave and shape wood with a pushing movement, greatly improving control compared to just gripping the shaft near the head.

Almost indestructible

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Another high-tech feature is the Kydex sheath covering the head. The axe is so sharp I kept this on any time I wasn’t using it. Kydex is almost indestructible and not affected by water, mud or blood, so should last forever.

For the full Scandinavian look, it has a clip, so you can stroll along with it on your belt or alternatively there are 11 lashing points so you can attach it to your backpack any way you like.

At just 12.6” long and weighing 1lb 8oz, it’s no chore to carry along on days when some hide-making or path-clearing is planned.

I find it hard to describe just what incredible cutting power this modestly sized axe delivers. The kinds of axes I’ve used in the past took vastly more effort to achieve the same cut and were often difficult to handle.

The Hatchblade is state of the art, a pleasure to use, extraordinarily effective and is something I have complete confidence in recommending.

RRP: £99.95


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