Review: Heinnie Haynes Boker Plus XS

With a finger forward of the pivot, the blade cannot close on you accidentally

With a finger forward of the pivot, the blade cannot close on you accidentally - Credit: Archant

The editor has found a ‘legal carry’ folder that’s suits his needs well

Those of us who use knives everyday are extremely aware that the law is very strict about what is legal to have in our pocket – defined as a blade of less than three inches that does not lock. Trying to find a substantial model that can take lots of hard work, yet comply with this isn’t easy. Heinnie Haynes, who supplied this knife for review, tells me that one of their most popular models is this Boker Plus XS drop point and I can see why. The build feels very solid with steel liners backing up the G10 scales in a deep enough shape that it filled my hand well. The 440-C stainless steel blade is a full 3mm thick at the pivot, again giving a feeling of being robust.

Although it doesn’t lock, it uses a stiff slip-joint that requires a firm push to close, which I found reassuring. To offer further protection, there’s a groove that your index finger naturally sits in that’s forward of the pivot point, meaning that the blade literally cannot close on you no matter what. It’s a simple, yet brilliant adaption that has true value in the field. I was glad to see that the pivot has a bolt construction that can be adjusted to compensate for wear over time, and that the appropriate Torx driver is supplied with the knife.

Pocket clip

A stiff, stainless steel pocket clip is bolted on to the right scale, which can be swapped to the opposite side to suit lefties, and because the blade has dual thumb studs, this is a proper ambidextrous knife. I find I use a pocket clip as my favourite carrying method all the time these days, because it so flexible and secure.

Much of my work involves game preparation, and a drop-point shape with a hollow grind is my idea of perfection. However, if you are hard on edges and chip blades regularly, this isn’t a knife for you. This is a superb game blade and good for general duties, but I wouldn’t abuse such a fine edge for fear of damaging it.

Despite the slim width, I found the handle very comfortable, even during long, heavy-duty work and I felt no sharp edges or pressure spots. So far, the edge has remained keen, so I can’t report on sharpening yet, but I’ve sharpened lots of 440-C blades before and it was an easy and quick task. I think that this is a superb knife and a practical tool for everyday work, as well as for game preparation, and because it’s a ‘legal carry’ in most situations, it’s one I’d be happy to have in my pocket any day.


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Model: Boker Plus XS drop point


Tel: 033 0300 0400

RRP: £51.95


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