Review: Holik Anne hunting gloves

Excellent fit and high quality materials make for a superb summer glove

Excellent fit and high quality materials make for a superb summer glove - Credit: Archant

The editor tries some well-made, yet simple hunting gloves

I find hunting gloves a constant source of frustration. They seldom fit well enough to offer good gun feel if they’re warm. If they’re thin they often fit poorly. I have boxes of gloves I’ve bought and hated, so when my colleague from Rifle Shooter magazine showed me some Czech gloves for summer use, the quality fit and feel really caught my attention. After some research, I found that they’re imported by Viking Arms who sent me a pair of the very lightweight gloves called...Anne! Not the most butch, hunting kind of name, but it must have a different meaning in the Czech Republic where they’re made.

They have a lightweight, stretch back fabric, Sensitive®Sculpt, with an interesting grippy synthetic material across the palm and fingers. Whatever this material is, you can use the screen on an iPhone, so there’s no need to rip gloves off to answer a call. It also gripped the stock very well, so I had no worries about a lack of traction. The fit was superb, with excellent gun feel and trigger control that allowed the most delicate release. In summer ,we need gloves more for camouflage than anything else, so the drab green was perfect for my needs. A knitted cuff comes up high enough to cover the gap from glove to sleeve and this too is lightweight, although on a really hot day I noticed the extra insulation. As autumn comes around, I’m sure I’ll be grateful for it and I’m keen to see how far into the cooler weather they’ll remain comfortable.


Where I live in southern England, we seldom get really cold weather anymore, so I’m hoping they’ll be useful for a good chunk of the year. I noted that they’re machine washable, which is great news. Gloves can get pretty stinky, so an easy wash is a good thing. They’re not anybody’s idea of a work glove, and I think you’d be unwise to use them for anything but shooting.

This is a simple glove done very well, and in my experience, that’s rare. They’re lightweight, dry quickly and offer superb fit and feel. Better still, at under £20 I think they’re excellent value for money. Only time will tell how durable they are, but they feel and look well made and I’m enjoying wearing them.


Manufacturer: Holik

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Model: Anne


To find your nearest retailer call Viking Arms on 01423 780810

RRP: £19.50


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