Review: Leatherman Micra EDC

Despite its size, this is a proper working tool

Despite its size, this is a proper working tool - Credit: Archant

Sometimes good things do come in little packages as the editor finds out

It really is small enough to fit on your key ring

It really is small enough to fit on your key ring - Credit: Archant

I’m a self-confessed fan of multi-tools, and ones from Leatherman especially. However, even I have to admit that they can be a little bulky to carry along all the time, so I thought it would be nice to look at a smaller compromise. Now, it’s obvious that the Micra cannot do what the bigger tools can, but it does have a lot of functions for such a tiny device.

Measuring just over 2” long, it’s small enough to be attached to your keys and I noted that all the corners are smoothly rounded, so that it won’t wear a hole on your pocket. It folds just like the bigger Leatherman tools, and opens to display a pair of scissors where you’d find pliers on bigger models. These are spring loaded, making one-handed use easy. I found these practical for many jobs and especially useful for trimming the excess line from a fishing hook knot.

Although it might be small, Leatherman didn’t cut corners with the very sharp main blade. The 1½” drop-point design is made from 420HC stainless steel, so it’s strong and will hold an edge way better than most small pocket knives. Importantly, it does not lock, so can be considered an ‘every day carry’, although please don’t try to get on to an aeroplane with one.

Clever design

The other fold-out blades are a choice of screwdriver bits, a pair of tweezers and a nail cleaner and file, plus the ubiquitous bottle-top remover. I was disappointed to see a Phillips driver missing until I read the side of one of the blades. Its tip had a shallow grind that’s designed to fit across two of the four Phillips slots, a job it does well. I’ll declare myself impressed at this way of making a bulky driver slim and flat. Along the outside of the frame halves, Leatherman has imprinted a rule that will measure 4.7” (12cm) which I found handy on a number of occasions.

Despite its capable build, it must be remembered that this is a small, lightweight, get-you-out-of-trouble tool that should be treated with some respect. If you lean on it too hard you’ll bend it. There are much better tools designed for heavy work. All the pivot points are riveted, so if you beast it you won’t be able to adjust out the slack you’ve created.

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I’ve used mine a 1000 times; opening boxes, when out fishing, tightening loose screws, and a hundred other jobs that I was able to resolve there and then rather than needing to go away and get a workshop tool to resolve. Leatherman makes some great tools and I’m adding this one to that list.

Model: Leatherman Micra EDC


RRP: £29.95