Review: Ridgeline Sniper Bag 54”

Shoulder straps allow you to carry the Super Gunbag like a rucksack

Shoulder straps allow you to carry the Super Gunbag like a rucksack - Credit: Archant

What will Phill Price make of this huge rifle slip, one of the longest he’s ever seen?

Over the years I’ve owned lots of gun slips, and most have been a disappointment. As you can imagine, I use them pretty much every day so they do get worked hard, but I’ve suffered burst seams, handles that fell off and my real pet hate, broken zips.

Looking for something better, I came across the ‘Super Gunbag’ from Ridgeline that looks very military and robust, and it’s fully padded all around to protect your precious rifle from knocks and bumps. Inside there’s a pocket that the butt pad goes into alongside a system of webbing loops and straps, allowing you to fasten the rifle securely. If the zip failed, it cannot fall out. Further, there are four external straps that add the final layer of security to the closure. There’s simply no way the rifle can escape.

The gunbag if designed to be worn like a rucksack, spreading the weight of your rifle across both shoulders. Clearly, if the zip failed while the gunbag was vertical on your back, it would drop out without you being able to see, hence the external straps. There are also two external pockets, one big and the other huge (and removable). It has the fittings to accept the gunbag’s shoulder straps making it into a small rucksack, which is a nice touch and a neat trick.

All over the outside there are webbing loops sewn on, which allow you to attach anything you like securely to the bag or indeed to attach the bag to something, like the inside of your 4x4 to stop it sliding around.

At 54” internally, it’s one of the longest rifle slips I’ve seen. I find this useful for odd-shaped guns, like the Air Arms Galahad – it won’t fit into most slips, but fell into this with ease.

It’s too early to know how durable the Super Gunbag will be, but it feels well-made and sturdy, so I’m optimistic. I’ve given it plenty of use carrying all sorts of rifles and I like the fact it doesn’t look like a rifle slip, and therefore doesn’t attract attention as I park my car at the office and carry guns in.

I’m well pleased with this gunbag, so far, which has now become my everyday gun carrier.

Model: Ridgeline Sniper Bag 54”

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RRP: £149.00


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