Review: The new camo pattern from Jack Pyke

To my eyes the new patetrn looks very versatile

To my eyes the new patetrn looks very versatile - Credit: Archant

The editor takes a walk in the woods inside a new camo pattern from Jack Pyke

The drop-down seat will keep you dry on the longest waits

The drop-down seat will keep you dry on the longest waits - Credit: Archant

Jack Pyke’s Hunter jacket has become a real favourite with airgun hunters over several years since its release, for the simple reason that it just works. It’s built as a shell rather than as an insulated coat, which I think is a very good idea. It means that in the depths of winter you can put plenty of layers underneath for warmth, whilst in spring and autumn you could wear just a T-shirt. In this way, one suit can work in many conditions.

The jacket follows the usual British shooting-coat style, and is long enough to cover your rump. It also has a hand-warmer pocket, plus two large cargo pockets which I find invaluable. Across the back is a waterproof poacher’s pocket that will carry a couple of rabbits easily, and there’s a neat trick built in; if you choose to sit and wait for the quarry to show, the outer of the pocket unzips to form a long flap that you can sit on. This is part of the waterproof pocket so it means your backside will stay dry even if you’re sitting on wet ground.

Stealthy fabric

The shell is Jack Pyke’s own Stealth fabric, which as the name suggests is quiet in use. It’s also very supple, adding to comfort as does the generous cut. I recommend buying a slightly loose size so that warm layers can be added for really cold days. The shell is waterproof and there’s a removable hood for really foul conditions, plus the adjustable cuffs have a secondary closure inside to seal out the wind and rain.

The trousers are made from the same fabric and feature an elasticated waistband with a drawstring to keep them secure. There are large cargo pockets on the thighs and long, zipped vents on the lower legs to help get the cuff over shooting boots. So why am I writing about a suit we all know so well? It’s because Jack Pyke has a brand-new camo pattern – English Oak Evolution. It contains a lot more green than the mostly brown original, which I feel will make it more versatile for year round use. There’s a good mixture of colours, from bold green leaves to very autumnal browns, which to my eyes at least makes for a very appealing pattern. Best of all, coming from Jack Pyke you know that it’s going to be excellent value for money, which it is.


Jacket: £89.95

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Trousers: £64.95

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