Scope review: Discovery 4-20 x 50 SIFR FPP

Slots in the screw-in sun shade match the grooves in the control dials

Slots in the screw-in sun shade match the grooves in the control dials - Credit: Archant

The editor looks through another long-range option

All the controls are big and chunky

All the controls are big and chunky - Credit: Archant

Long-range target shooting can be fascinating, as you try to explore just what the modern airgun is capable of. It’s true that the wind has a huge effect on our pellets and that once you go beyond 50 yards there a massive amount of luck in any shot we fire. However, sniping inanimate targets at 75 or even 100 yards can be tremendous fun, even if you do only hit one out of ten. To hit at such ranges it’s vital to have a scope that’s designed to work in that environment and the Discovery 4-20 x 50 SFIR FPP is just the thing.

The top end of the magnification range makes precise aiming possible and the high definition, fully multi-coated lenses offer a bright clear image to help that, too. Discovery fits its DTLW reticle, which is very fine, again important for precise aiming at long range. It’s also loaded with as many aim points as you could ever want to make corrections for elevation and wind.

This must surely offer an aim point for any situation

This must surely offer an aim point for any situation - Credit: Archant

Dial for distance

You can also choose to ‘dial’ in your shooting solution with the large, exposed windage and elevation adjusters, which is what the full bore, long-range types do these days, so it must be the best way. The chunky adjusters lift up to turn and press down to lock securely, offering peace of mind that they cannot be accidentally turned.

Alongside all these long-range features I was pleased to see that the side wheel parallax adjuster dials down to 10 yards, ensuring that we can be confident our short-range needs are properly covered. I also appreciated that the illumination control dial which sits beside the parallax adjuster is much smaller, making it possible to operate each independently.

All the contact surfaces have deeply machined grooves that make for a secure control whilst adding a touch of style along the way. The screw-in sunshade also has machined slots which I assume are also for style. At £339 it’s in the upper end of airgun scope price range, but it does have a good solid feel and stacks of the most fashionable features, all backed up with a lifetime warranty. If long-range target shooting is your thing, then this interesting new brand is worth a look because you might just discover what you’re looking for.



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Tel: 01284 850941

Model: HD 4-20 x 50 SIFR FPP

Length: 13.2” (335mm)

Weight: 1.8lbs (810g)

Reticle: DTLW (first focal plane)

Body tube: 30mm

RRP: £339.99 includes sunshade extension and mounts, lifetime warranty