Shop profile: Neath Gun Shop

Phil K and Phil L (right); if airguns are your addiction, these fellas are your dealers.

Phil K and Phil L (right); if airguns are your addiction, these fellas are your dealers. - Credit: Archant

Here’s a great gun shop created exclusively for airguns

I wish all shop windows could be as interesting!

I wish all shop windows could be as interesting! - Credit: Archant

If you like your gunshops ‘old school’, you’ll be more than happy with Neath Gun Shop in Wales, but if you are in the market for fishing tackle, clothing, or powder-burning guns, you will be sorely disappointed because Neath is an out and out airgun centre. Around 18 months ago, it was decided that the shop would only sell sub-12 ft.lbs. airguns in future, and all the obligatory accessories, of course. This is good news for we airgunners because it leaves more space for our favourite form of shooting.

Old school

The shop started life in 1981, and has continued to trade under successive ownership until the present day. The current team is headed up by Phil Kirkhouse, ably aided by Phil Lewis, both of whom are regular shooters, which means any advice offered, will be top notch.

These days, there is a trend for gunshops to locate on the edge of town, typically in industrial estates, and the rationale for this is understandable because these units offer good space and parking. Call it old-fashioned, but I like a gunshop to be part of the town’s shopping area with a window displaying the stock, and if you can identify with that, you will love this shop. You will find guns from all the major manufacturers jammed in every available space, and if it’s not in stock, give them a few days and it will be – and at a competitive price.

Spares and repairs

Any good shop should be able to provide in-house repairs, and stock some of the more common spares, such as springs and repairs have always been a pivotable service provided by Neath. In fact, they are an Air Arms approved service agent, and Phil has completed the factory service course.

Keeping step with modern trends, the facility for filling PCP air bottles to 300 BAR is something the shop has offered for some time time, as well as a vast range of new bottles/gauge sets.

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Second-hand, second best?

Buying new guns is not always an option for many, so a healthily stocked second-hand rack, with shop warranty, is always a welcome addition. You are likely to find some very interesting specimens tucked away at the back of the shop.

If you’re a long distance pilgrim, make it known. There is an on-site kettle, and you might even get one of Phil’s chocolate toffee digestives!

Contact Neath Gun Shop:

44, Briton Ferry Road, Neath, SA11 1AA

Tel: 01639 632768

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 9am-5pm