Streamlight Inc introduces the ProTac HL 5-X

ProTac HL 5-X from Streamlight

ProTac HL 5-X from Streamlight - Credit: Archant

With a range of new products available, Streamlight continues to demonstrate research and new product development and ensure they offer customers the latest technology

The QB headlamp from Streamlight

The QB headlamp from Streamlight - Credit: Archant

Streamlight' Inc., a leading provider of high performance lighting devices, supplies hunters, fishermen, and outdoor and sports enthusiasts with a range of products to support low light shooting. Believing in a hands-on, real-world experience for all its customers, this approach leads to new ideas, innovations and 'Brilliant Thinking'™ that set Streamlight apart.

With a range of new products available, including the ProTac HL® 5-X, TLR-8® Gunlight, the TL-Racker™ Shotgun Forend Light and a ProTac® Rail Mount, Streamlight continues to demonstrate research and new product development is at the fore of all they do, ensuring that they offer customers the latest technology.

The ProTac HL 5-X is a high-performance torch with a range of product features that stand it head and shoulders above the competition. The super-bright, 3,500 lumen, full-size ProTac HL 5-X flashlight is available two ways: a complete rechargeable system includes two of Streamlight's new 18650 lithium ion batteries with an integrated micro USB charge port, or it's available with four CR123A lithium batteries. The rubber sleeve, which helps to provide thermal insulation for the ProTac HL 5-X USB, also ensures that you'll never lose your grip.


- 3,500 lumens (high beam with the 18650 battery. 2,500 for the CR123.)

SIEGE X USB from Streamlight

SIEGE X USB from Streamlight - Credit: Archant

- Multi-Fuel - uses two rechargeable 18650 USB batteries or four CR123A lithium batteries, so you'll always have a beam when you need it

- TEN-TAP Programming allows a selection of three different operating programs

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- Weight: 1lb 3.4oz (550g) with two Streamlight 18650 USB batteries; 1lb 2.4oz (522g) with four CR123A batteries

- Available in black, the ProTac HL 5-X retails for £139.68 and comes with a lanyard and Streamlight's Limited Lifetime Warranty

Streamlight' Inc. also launches the The QB® headlamp: an ultra-lightweight, weather resistant, personal work light, featuring a large button for easy actuation. It has a polymer rechargeable battery, a handy hat clip built right into the saddle, to clip the light on the brim of a baseball cap for added versatility. The adjustable nylon headband has a non-slip inner surface to allow for easy hard hat mounting. When you need to see what's up ahead, this small but powerful QB® headlamp is the hands-free lighting that goes the distance. The QB® headlamp is a lightweight headlamp that is big on power and USB rechargeable, shining 200 lumens of light to 85 metres.

Also, there's the introduction of the SIEGE? X USB: a multifunction, ultra-compact USB rechargeable lantern and flashlight that works in all settings. It features multiple lighting modes, including smooth lantern lighting, a red LED setting to preserve night vision and a front spot light to use the lantern as a handheld flashlight.

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