Stutzens and scnhables RUAG Amotec - two new models

Stutzens and scnhables RUAG Amotec have announced the arrival of two new models in the 430 range.

Super sexy, Super Six Brocock have announced a new rifle, the Super Six, which as the name suggests is the multi-shot version of the delightful Concept rifle that was released over a year ago. When it was released, many people asked Brocock if they intended to make a multishot version and they took pleasure in responding to public demand. It’s now bolt action with a small ‘keeper’ slot at the rear that holds the bolt back for loading. The magazine rotates automatically with each cycle of the bolt for a quick and slick reload. It will be in the shops any day now at a recommended retail price of �435 for the walnut stock and �395 for the beech.