Total Airgun Hunting II - Rabbits DVD now available

PUBLISHED: 15:11 28 October 2011 | UPDATED: 12:32 07 November 2011



The first of three DVDs is now avilable to buy...

In this the first of three DVDs, we follow Terry Le Chem' as he stalks his way around his favourite piece of hunting land, before switching to nighthunting mode for a hard night's lamping. Then it's all aboard George Steven's 4x4, where Terry Doe takes over the main shooting role, backed by Mark Fowler and his high-powered rifle. It's a potent combination, as you will see!

Then, we cut to Terry Doe on a dawn static hunt, where we learn all about the excitement, attraction and appeal of this easily accessible form of hunting. Terry ends the session with what may well be the most useful piece of airgun footage you'll ever see, as he explains the essentials of accurate shooting.

After the hunting's done we change location to Ron Fowler's fish and game emporium, where Ron takes us through the skinning, jointing and even the filleting of a rabbit, in his unique, easy style, before Terry Doe signs off with a run through of the shooting gear used in the DVD.

Sit back and enjoy over 90 minutes' worth of of airgun action, filmed exactly as it happens in the field. Stalking, lamping, static hunting and preparation... we cover it all.

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