Umarex Colt Python .357 Magnum pistol - test & review

PUBLISHED: 15:27 06 November 2020 | UPDATED: 09:27 22 December 2020

A classic if ever there was one

A classic if ever there was one


Dav Barham tests ou the Umarex Colt Python .357 Magnum pellet/BB CO2 pistol!

Removing the side plate reveals the CO2 portRemoving the side plate reveals the CO2 port

This classic Colt Python Magnum pistol from Umarex is a very good replica of the famous revolver, widely regarded as the best one ever made. It’s available in two different barrel lengths; the 6-inch on test here and the snub-nosed 2.5-inch. What makes this replica even more appealing is that this CO2 version can fire steel BBs as well as regular .177 pellets – what’s not to like?




The manual safety is easy to operateThe manual safety is easy to operate


You get three 10-shot rotary magazines with this pistol, one for BBs and two for .177 pellets. They are both really easy to load by simply pushing the pellets or BBs into the allocated holes in each mag’.

Looking at the mag’s, it’s easy to determine which way round they go – there’s a small star-shaped wheel on the back of each magazine, which must be facing backwards when the mag’ is inserted into the pistol.


Use the hex key moulded into the side plate to tighten down the CO2 cylinderUse the hex key moulded into the side plate to tighten down the CO2 cylinder


Loading the CO2 is easy, too. Simply locate the raised pull tab on the base of the left side of the pistol grip, and pull the side plate away. Inside you’ll find the slot for the 12g CO2 cylinder, plus a hex key moulded into the base of the side plate to tighten down the screw that secures the CO2 cylinder in place.



Slide the mag' lock to the left and down to release the mag'Slide the mag' lock to the left and down to release the mag'


Removing and inserting the magazine is achieved by pushing the slider tab underneath the barrel to the left and then down to lock it in place. This releases the mag’, which pulls out to the left.

Once loaded, you push the mag’ back into place and then release the locking rod by pushing the little tab back up and sliding it to the right.


Insert the mag from the leftInsert the mag from the left


Although manufactured mostly from high-impact polymer, there are quite a few metal innards, which give this pistol its weight and reliability. The BB mag’ is made from plastic, but the two .177 pellet mag’s are machined alloy.

There are open sights moulded into the body of the pistol, with the rear goalposts adjustable for both elevation and windage, which makes shooting pellets far more fun and accurate.


You get three mag's supplied, ere's one loaded with BBs and one with .177 pelletsYou get three mag's supplied, ere's one loaded with BBs and one with .177 pellets


The curved blade of the trigger is comfortable, and there’s a decent pull weight of around 1.2lbs. It’s double-action, so you can just pull the trigger and let the hammer do its thing, or you can cock the hammer manually, which drastically reduces the pull weight on the trigger. It’s great fun to shoot both single and double-handed.

Immediately behind the hammer you’ll find the manual safety switch, which pushes forward to lock it in ‘safe’, and pulls back to ‘fire’ – it’s easily operated with your thumb when shooting single-handed.


I don't want to send this one back!I don't want to send this one back!


This is a really great pistol to shoot. If you fancy a quick plink, then load up the BB mag’ and fire away. If you want some more refined shooting, then adjust the sights and pop in one of the .177 pellet mag’s. It’s a very versatile, lightweight piece of kit.

This will appeal to collectors and practical shooters alike, and I’m very reluctant to send it back!



You can shoot this pistol single-handedYou can shoot this pistol single-handed

Tech Specs

Model: Python 6-inch

Distributor: John Rothery Wholesale

Calibre: 4.5mm BB and pellet

Mag Capacity: 10-shot

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Velocity: 300+fps

Trigger: Double-action

Overall Length: 290mm

Barrel length: 152mm

Sights: open, fixed

Safety: Manual

Weight: 561g

Power: CO2

Blowback: No

Shots Per Capsule: Around 50

RRP: £99.95

































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