Webley range gets new triggers

PUBLISHED: 14:38 28 October 2011 | UPDATED: 14:41 28 October 2011

Webley & Scott

Webley & Scott

All members of Webley’s spring-powered air rifle family will be fitted with the new four-link Quattro Trigger Group...

The four-lever (hence Quattro) trigger has three point adjustment which controls trigger load, the position of first and second stages and the length of trigger pull, whilst still maintaining full sear engagement.

The new trigger allows the shooter to engage the first stage of the firing cycle, but if the shot cannot be taken for any reason and finger pressure is released, the trigger returns to full engagement automatically, said Paul Garrity, Technical Manager of Webley, and co-developer of the product.

The Quattro also features a unique drop safety interlock device which eradicates the possibility of the gun accidentally firing if it is dropped whilst the safety catch is in the fire position. Combine this with the Webley re-settable, automatic safety catch and I believe the Quattro Trigger Group is the best and safest available on any volume production air rifle today, said Mike Hurney, CEO, Webley (International) Ltd For more information call: 01902 722 144 or visit www.webley.co.uk

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