Are custom stocks worth the cash?


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I’ve shot for years with rifles too small for me, but I can now afford a custom stock; my question is, is it worth it?

Q: I am 6’ 4” tall and standard rifles just don’t fit me. I’ve never previously been able to afford a custom rifle, so for many, many years I made do with guns seemingly made for someone a foot shorter than I am, and without being boastful, I’ve done very well with them. Now, I’m at that happy stage where the mortgage is paid and I’m about to treat myself to a stock that actually fits me. My question is, seeing that I’ve done well with standard rifles, am I going to do more harm than good if I go for a stock that fits me? I’ve tried a friend’s Air Arms S410 in a GRS adjustable stock, and it felt absolutely fantastic, but I need to be sure before committing to one for my own S410. I hope you can help, Barry, and I’ll totally trust what you say.

Barry replies: Rodney, here’s my advice in the most simple and heartfelt way I can possibly give it; get that GRS stock fitted to your S410, and go from ‘doing well’, to being the best you can possibly be. I really can’t advise you too strongly to use a rifle that exactly fits your body type and your ideal stance and technique. Get that stock - I’ve seen a few GRS models, on air rifle and live-ammo guns - and they’ve always impressed me. I’m lucky in that standard rifles fit me, but if they didn’t, I’d make sure I had one that did, because it makes such a difference. The hunting field is no place for compromises we don’t have to make. Get that GRS stock, and watch your shooting, and the enjoyment of it, improve every session.