It's a proper airgun shop, run by proper airgun people.

It's a proper airgun shop, run by proper airgun people. - Credit: Archant

The editor visits Pellpax, where enthusiasm and customer service is unlimited

First, your scope and mounts are expertly fitted ...

First, your scope and mounts are expertly fitted ... - Credit: Archant

How the Personal Pellpax Delivery Service Works

... then it's zeroed for you.

... then it's zeroed for you. - Credit: Archant

All airgun businesses must sell airguns on a face-to-face basis, and be a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD). As an RFD, Pellpax can deliver these items to your door if you live on the mainland of England and Wales, and they offer this service for £19.99. If your order was successfully placed before the close of business on the Tuesday, your airgun will be out for delivery between that Sunday and Wednesday.

The Pellpax team - they'll take care of you.

The Pellpax team - they'll take care of you. - Credit: Archant

You will receive a phone call on the Friday of that week to confirm delivery day and a two-hour delivery window, between 6am and 10pm. Pellpax can deliver to a work address if it’s close to the original order address, so make sure to take suitable ID with you on the day.

There are places you go where you just feel welcome, immediately, and the Pellpax shop is one of them. You’ll find Pellpax in Cromer, Norfolk, but don’t drive too far past it if you miss the turning, or you’ll end up in the sea. Pretty close to the coast, is Pellpax.

It’s also pretty close to perfect, as far as airgun shops go, with loads of stock, mega-friendly staff, and service that really is second-to-none. Take it from me, you’ll go an even longer way to find a shop with more going for it than Pellpax. That’s why I’ve put together this profile. You see, I think it’s our duty at Airgun World to tip off our readers about great airgunning outlets, and Pellpax is most definitely one of the very best I’ve ever visited. Let me tell you why.

They come to you

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First, Pellpax runs a home delivery service, where for £20 they deliver your airgun to your door, or place of work. All you have to do is provide ID to prove you’re the purchaser and you’re old enough to buy an airgun (18 years), sign for your gun, and you’re ready to go. Pellpax has its own delivery team, so you’ll have no fears of any damage being done en route. The delivery service covers just about everywhere within England and Wales, and it’s carried out on a weekly basis. For full details how it all works, and it works incredibly well, call Pellpax on the number below.

In-store service

There’s another extremely valuable service that Pellpax offers, and it’s given free to everyone who buys a scope and mounts with their rifle. A skilled airgun technician will fit your new scope to the rifle, and even pre-zero your combination for you. All you’ll need to do is perhaps make a couple of minor adjustments to perfectly position your scope and fine-tune the zero, but the real work has been done for you, and done by an expert. Trust me, this is a vital job and it’s great to know that our airgunners are being looked after like this.

Proper airgun people

Pelpax is an airgun business, owned and staffed by genuine airgun-shooting people. They speak our language and they know what we are all about. They don’t try to sell what they want you to buy, they help you choose what you need to get the most from your own way of enjoying your sport.

That’s a huge benefit, right there, and I know it’s genuine because I get the phone calls, letters and emails from Pellpax customers. I say again, knowing you’ll be properly taken care of is a tremendous plus for any airgun outlet, and it’s one of many reasons Pellpax customers recommend the company so highly. Now that I’ve seen it for myself, I can why.