Gun test: Compact Gamo

The Compact balanced well on aim for me

The Compact balanced well on aim for me - Credit: Archant

Mark Camoccio looks at the ideal first competition pistol

Tight fit, but its still great to have a hard case

Tight fit, but its still great to have a hard case - Credit: Archant

I’ve had a passion for airguns since my early teens, but one system that has always fascinated above all others, is the single-stroke pneumatic. The big drawback with PCPs is the fact that they are reliant on an external power source, be that a diver’s bottle, or a pump, and of course, those of us yearning for recoilless power have to go down that route – but there is an alternative. Admittedly, designers have struggled to muster full power in a single-stroke rifle, especially in a production model, and I’m hoping that they’ll properly crack it one day, but there are no such problems where pistols are concerned, and the single-stroke pneumatic system here, works a treat.


Gamo’s Compact pistol is now a well-established model, and has built up something of a reputation in Pony Club circles, where it has proved a great little match-pistol trainer for youngsters eager to get some shooting hours under their belt, with a gun that rewards hard work. At under the £200 mark, it looks like a bargain too, so let’s take a look at just what we get for the money, and see why this capable little pistol has remained so popular.

First impressions are good; the Compact comes supplied with its own padded, hard case, albeit a near perfect fit inside. There’s a tin of pellets included, along with instructions, and an Allen key, so there’s no need to delay the action. Open sights are fitted as standard, including an adjustable rear sight; there’s an adjustable trigger blade, and then, of course, the most striking feature – those anatomical wooden grips.


Pick up the Compact, and you instantly feel like your holding a gun designed to do a job. Those anatomical grips elevate this model above much of the opposition, and being fashioned from walnut adds a further touch of class. The grip is made from two halves, and whilst the seam is clearly visible, the overall feel and support afforded is excellent.

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So far, so impressive, and next month we’ll see how the Compact really performs.


Model: Compact

Manufacturer: Gamo

Country of origin: Spain

Type: Single-stroke, pneumatic pistol

Calibre: .177 only

Weight: 2lbs

Overall length: 12.2 inches

Barrel length: 8 inches

Grips: Walnut anatomical target-style

Velocity: (Using Topshot pellets)

High: 362fps

Low: 348fps

Ave: 358fps

Total spread: 14fps

Energy: 2.3 ft.lbs.

RRP: £189.00

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