Konus Cantilever Mount - test & review

Centre raised

Centre raised - Credit: Archant

Mark Camoccio tests out the Konus Cantilever Mount in this deailed rveiew - it’s a great way to account for “barrel droop” & is truly universal

This shows the extended centre

This shows the extended centre - Credit: Archant

Mounting a scope can be awkward when a particular gun has an unusual configuration, or when the old problem of ‘barrel droop’ shows itself. In this scenario, the scope’s turrets might simply run out of adjustment. If the problem is too great, then obviously remedial engineering work might be required, but for small technical defects or anomalies, a compensating mounting system can be all that’s needed to achieve that all important point of zero.

Just in from Konus Optical & Sport Systems, is their brand-new Cantilever Mount, and I have to say, it’s a really clever design, that keeps things simple. Specified as ‘a truly universal mount’, it’s adjustable for length and height. At the moment, it’s available to fit any Picatinny and Weaver rail, but if there’s enough interest, a dovetail rail specification could be on the cards, according to Range Right, the UK importers.

Note the central section and rings spacers

Note the central section and rings spacers - Credit: Archant


So how does it work? Look at the base, and you’ll notice a central section which is separate, machined with a series of holes and cut-outs. By slackening off the three socket-headed bolts with the Allen key supplied, that entire central section – which includes the rings – can then move up, down, forward and back. The design allows the centre to extend up to 1.5 inches, but consider that the mount can be fitted to the gun facing either way, and the versatility and permutations are enormous. The central section can also be raised or lowered at each end, and locked up at any point, within the range of movement. Konus specify the mount as having seven different settings, but if you count the permutations, as the top assembly is moved to a different position within the base, it’s fair to say it’s at least double that, with many more variations between.

Admittedly, this mount isn’t adjustable for windage, but considering that most precision optics are going to be fairly central, in my experience, the real problems arise with elevation, as previously mentioned, due to barrel height, and the limitations of turret adjustment.

The Konus Cantilever will basically get you out of trouble in a multitude of scenarios, and it’s perhaps the sheer simplicity; slacken off the bolts, slide the centre line, and re-tighten, that really appeals.

The sight line can be lowered or raised

The sight line can be lowered or raised - Credit: Archant

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The new mount is also designed to accept additional accessories, courtesy of the Picatinny rails on top of the rings, but as if that were not enough, there’s another key feature incorporated into the design; the Cantilever Mount can accommodate scopes with either a 1 inch or 30mm body tube, and this is achieved by adding or removing the internal spacer rings that come supplied. The spacer rings are aluminium, and everything feels precise and well made. A great piece of kit then for anyone’s toolbox.

RRP: £59.95

Contact: Range Right Ltd

It's extremely well made

It's extremely well made - Credit: Archant

Accessories can be top mounted

Accessories can be top mounted - Credit: Archant

Metal ring spacers allow 30mm or 1-inch body tubes

Metal ring spacers allow 30mm or 1-inch body tubes - Credit: Archant

Picatinny specification is increasingly popular

Picatinny specification is increasingly popular - Credit: Archant