Watch: Mick Garvey's mega rabbit clear-up!

Mick Garvey looking down the scope on his air rifle

Mick Garvey is a professional pest controller and squirrel ranger; in this video, he's clearing up a rabbit problem that's got completely out of hand! - Credit: Archant

In this video, pest controller Mick Garvey has a serious rabbit problem to take care of on one of his permissions; armed with his air rifle, thermal scope and spotter, he gets to it!


  • Air rifles: Air Arms FAC TDR in .22 visit Air Arms   
  • Thermal scopes and spotters: Pulsar Helion 2 XQ50F spotter and Pulsar XM30 thermal scope visit Thomas Jacks   
  • Pellets: Norma Golden Trophy FT visit Ruag  
  • Accessories: RWS Zebrawood knife, Quake portable seat visit Ruag 

In the sixth episode of our air rifle hunting series, we have a special appearance from the master of pest control - Mick Garvey. With Terry and Dave both currently unavailable for filming, Mick will be standing in for them for the next few installments.

Mick is a super experienced shot, and is surrounded by his own permissions where he is called in by various land owners and farmers to sort out their vermin issues. This time, a booming rabbit population is threatening to undermine the foundations of sheds and lodges in a little corner of Cumbria, and Mick is on a mission to get the numbers back down to a reasonable level.

Despite the fall in the rabbit population overall, in the areas where they do build up, they build up in huge numbers and cause endless damage to land, foundations, and grazing. 

Enjoy watching a master at work as, armed with a thermal scope and spotter, Mick steadily and methodically builds up a very decent bag of bunnies! Please note that ALL the rabbits Mick shoots are taken home and consumed as food... there's no wastage here!